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raúl chávez

master in advanced design / BID industrial design

I’m passionate about service design, user experience, research and product design. I collect ideas and solutions from everything around me, understand different cultures, traditions and people wherever I am. My work includes research, strategy and storytelling to design emotionally meaningful experiences for people. I'm just a problem solver who cares about crafting products and experiences that are useful, useable, and simple.

Common sense, a pencil and paper is always the starting point.


A public declaration of principles, policies, and intentions.

*Always updating

What I don’t know is worth more than what I know
Be curious (Make stupid questions)...Curiosity is my inspiration
What matters is What and How to ask
Fail...wrong answers get you to new questions
Not fun, not worth doing
Mutants! (Smart Recombinations)
Don’t only think...Act on it!
Form and function follows the subject
Be a citizen of the world, a responsable one
Fun is at the core of true innovation
Create experiences that tell stories, that have a meaning, that talk and provoke.


Product Design
User Experience
Service Design
HCD Framework
Agile and Lean Frameworks
Ethnographic Research
Prototyping (Figma, Invision Studio, Sketch...)
Adobe CC (Photoshop, Indesign, Premier Pro...)
3D Modeling (Rhinoceros, SolidWorks, Alias...)

featured in:

Frame Maginzine, American Product Design, Mercurio VD Magazine, Diseño Marca CHILE, Raíz Diseño LATINOS, Furniture Served Behance, Feria Hábitat Valencia, Designboom, DesignFest México, M.E. Design Magazine, IAJ...

communities I’m part of:

Mass Challenge Accelarator program - Mentor, Judge & Speaker
Tec Lean Accelearator program - Mentor & Speaker
BID Labs - Speaker
Facebook Connectivity Program - Menotr & Judge
Wizeline Academy - Professor
CICMEX -  Community member
SDMX -  Community member

workshops I’ve attended:

Grace Turtle & SDMX - Desinging for futures
Pablo Stanley - Landing Page & Webflow
Wizeline Academy - UX Research - 
BID - Project managment
Peter Kelly - High-impact design entrpreneurship 
Xenia Viladas - Business Design
Mauricio Lara -  Objeto Con-Sentido
Alexis Georgacopoulos & Pierre Keller - Piggy Bank
Alexis Georgacopoulos & Pierre Keller - Beach Life
Claudio Monterrubio - Mexican Stool
Mikael Löfström - Life Cabinet
Husam el Odeh - Alternative Jewelry
Alex Blanch - Manifesto
Alexander Taylor - Design Market
Patricia Torres Maya - Advertising and creativity

sketching techniques:

Sketching techniques